Bianca Vallentine finds inspiration in the individual. In community. In the number of slow, considered threads it takes to form a pattern. She creates products that make life more cosy, experiences more colourful – and her practice a hard one to define. After studying Fashion and Textile Design at Curtin University in WA, she now creates soft, beautiful things that include clothing, cushions, bed linen and home wares; she’s also explored film; curated events; crafted vibrant installations and adorned walls and windows with sprawling, delicately cut swathes of streamers – all unique, one-of-a-kind and handmade in her leafy studio at Northcote’s Pop & Scott workshop [].

The Vallentine Project is the umbrella under which this creative collage comes together. Here, Bianca’s own work sits alongside regular collaborations with others. The Vallentine Project is committed to a constant, playful evolution, however the ideas that anchor it remain the same: to create beauty in the every day; value in the unique and to produce pieces and experiences that are as special as they are functional. It’s also about not letting dust gather on the things that bring us the most joy – usability, wearability and the history of the hand made naturally imbue themselves in everything Bianca does.