Behind the Scenes in the Patterson Building

Behind the Scenes in the Patterson Building
October 12, 2014 TVP
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Here are a couple of behind the scenes shots from The Vallentine Project duvet cover campaign shoot.

We shot in the living room of artists Magic Power and Timothy Hillier who share a roof in the Paterson Building on Smith Street, Fitzroy (which is also home to the reputable Dear Patti Smith Gallery).

It felt pretty special to be in that space again, knowing that it’s only a matter of months before the whole building becomes apartments. So many artists, musicians and rat bags have been within these walls that it felt like a pretty magical place to be documenting. For me The Paterson Building has been an architectural marker for Smith Street and also a place where I’ve spent a bunch of nights dancing, drinking and having some laughs – in fact one of the first venues responsible for meeting my boyfriend and now father of our daughter.

On the day it was also super special to have Sydney based photographer, Penny Lane, work her magic. Penny and I are old friends and have worked on a number of photo shoots together – starting from when we had our own co-operative studio space on Canning Highway, South Perth (shared with Renee Glastonbury, Trudy Moore, Emily Wills and Kristy Correy).

It was funny being in that space again, it brought back a lot of old fond memories of past creative collaborations. It was also fun trying to get stuff done with a mini human wanting to touch everything with dusty hands. If I look a little perplexed in one of the shots its merely me trying to preen a cover whilst grabbing the last snippets of morning light, as seen on the True Lines duvet cover.


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