Creative Space | Pop & Scott Workshop

Creative Space | Pop & Scott Workshop
April 1, 2015 TVP
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The Vallentine Project home wares are hand painted at the Pop & Scott Workshop in Northcote, Victoria.  Couple Poppy Lane and Scotty Gibson founded the workshop in 2012 with the idea that it could be a fully functioning woodwork workshop with a couple of studios . Nearly three years on the workshop is alive with activity, from Pop & Scott’s own pot painting, floristry and furniture-making businesses to the several onsite studios.

The story of how a florist (Poppy) and a plumber (Scotty) started making furniture is kind of simple really: they, like most of us, couldn’t find the kinds of things they’d like in their own home – so they started making them. Without a proper space to construct though, they were always limited – which got them thinking about the greater need for an urban workshop space. As luck would have it, whilst working as a plumber, one day Scott came across some old woodworking machinery, which he bought for a bargain and now that machinery is the heart and soul of their business.

Starting with the machinery, then securing the first warehouse at 27a Hayes Street Northcote, the Pop & Scott Workshop had its beginnings. At first it was just two studios occupied by Anchor Ceramics and fine artist Dane Lovett, with a shared woodworking, floristry and pot painting space. However soon after, the second warehouse became available and more studios were developed. Illustration artist Andy Murphy, photographer Bobby & Tide, stonemason Den Holm, apron makers Carpenters Daughter, woodworkers Cenzo, Pono, Second Chance Tables and guitar maker New Complexity have all joined the stable a the Pop & Scott Workshop.

In a space that is constantly evolving Poppy is regularly moving things around the workshop, photographing product and curating the space. In this photo shoot, Poppy has teamed up with local photographer Jessica Tremp to capture some of the Pop & Scott products including pots, stools, swings, beds and bedside tables. All products are made out of the Pop & Scott Workshop and duvet covers are all ours, here at The Vallentine Project.

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