Remodelista – Dreaming in Color

Remodelista – Dreaming in Color
March 17, 2018 TVP
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Dreaming in Color: Brightly Painted Bed Linens (and Tablecloths too) from Down Under

 March 16, 2018
At 13, Bianca Vallentine tie-dyed socks and underwear and sold them to a local store. During her high school years, she altered clothes from her local secondhand store in Western Australia: “I’d wear what I made to school and would often sell it on the spot, so I always needed a backup outfit.” She went on to get a joint degree in fashion and textile design from Curtin University in Perth. Soon after, in 2004, she launched her label, The Vallentine Project, as a women’s wear line, and initially stuck to the traditional seasonal fashion cycle, but she eventually shifted to focusing on what she calls “conceptual challenges.”

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