June 3, 2017 TVP
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This is the house all Grand Designs aficionados in Australia will be tuned into on Thursday, June 1.

The house, named True North, is Tandem architect Tim Hill’s own home for his family in Kensington, Melbourne, and it’s pretty special.

For starters, Hill had to work with an irregular triangular site, which provided challenges. He also had to accommodate an historic stables building at the rear, and remove a decaying 1950s cottage on the site.

Hill chose to transform the stables into a small townhouse, and built an entirely new house at the front. But rather than design a house forming a knife edge at the point of the triangle, the architect opted for a sculptural, curved form in pleated steel with a pearlescent metallic finish.

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The Vallentine Project custom bedding features in each of the bedrooms.

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