Turmeric Eclipse Duvet on Natural Linen

$550.00 AUD

Like a desert eclipse this hand painted duvet cover features striking hand painted brush strokes that create a large turmeric coloured circle on natural  linen. All of our linen is stonewashed for extra softness.


Roll your sleepy head onto this 100% Australian made, pure linen pillowcase as you rest your mind, body and spirit. The hand painted design features a circle that has been painted onto natural linen and softened through stone washing. In this purchase you will receive one standard pillowcase (50 x 75cm). 

Designed and made in Australia, you can rest easy knowing your product is made at premium quality and with ethical and sustainable practices in mind.

One Single Standard pillowcase.



Paint: Turmeric on Natural Linen


Material information and treatments

100% pure natural linen

Stonewashed + Heat Cured + Softened

Designed and manufactured in Australia according to ethical and sustainable Australian standards


Care Instructions

Our bedding is 100% Linen so you can launder it on a warm machine wash

We recommend washing your bedding inside-out so that the embroidery and paint does not scratch against the surface of your washing machine barrel

Please do not soak, bleach or wring

We recommend that you do not leave laundry powder to dissolve on fabric as colour patching may occur - tell those less experienced about washing to put the washing powder/ liquid in first!

Line dry your bedding when you can, if you must use a dryer try to keep it a medium temperature so you do not melt the embroidery thread.

If you like to iron, use the linen setting with steam - use a pressing cloth over the embroidery and paint as the paint and thread may melt if the iron is too hot.