Sand Half Moon - single pillowcase

$70.00 AUD

They ran from the beach, salt water on their sun kissed bodies, sand in their toes. Exhausted from the day, they flopped down on the bed...

Nothing beats the Australian summer, long days at the beach, hot summer nights, sand in your sheets, salt in your hair. This summer we painted a tribute to the Australian summer. This single pillowcase is standard size (50 x 75cm).


Made from 100% pure linen, this doona cover has been hand painted locally in Melbourne, Australia. Embracing all things slow, things that take time and all that is cherished. This doona features a large off-centre sand coloured circle - a reminder of the summer  past, sand in your toes, salt on your skin.

Inside all of our doona covers are internal ties to keep your duvet insert in place. Gold snaps complete the closure of the doona at the base of the bed. Hand painted with large brushes, this doona is made individually, meaning your product will just be for you. Occasionally we replicate designs, however our hand processes guarantee no design will ever be the same. We offer our doonas and pillowcases in Australian, American and European sizes so please select according to your country of residence.

All of our products are designed and made in Australia, so you can rest easy knowing your doona cover is of premium quality according to Australian ethical and sustainable standards. All of our painting is done in-house and we work with local makers to finish each element of the bed linen making process.



1 x Eclipse standard pillowcase - 50cm x 75cm



Paint: Sand


Material information and treatments

100% pure linen

Stonewashed + Heat Cured + Softened

Designed and manufactured in Australia according to ethical and sustainable Australian standards


Care Instructions

Our bedding is 100% linen so you can launder it on a warm machine wash

We recommend washing your bedding inside-out so that the paint does not rub against the surface of your washing machine barrel. Please do not soak, bleach or wring

We recommend that you do not leave laundry powder to dissolve on fabric as colour patching may occur - tell those less experienced with washing to put the washing powder/ laundry liquid in first!

Line dry your bedding when you can, if you must use a dryer try to keep it a medium temperature.

If you like to iron, use the linen setting with steam - use a pressing cloth over the paint as the paint may transfer onto the iron plate.